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Are you faced with the daunting task of creating a budget for a surgery center?

Are you comfortable presenting your budget to a lender for financing?


  • At Proformex, we provide confidence... Confidence that you are applying current, relevant, and actionable budget numbers to your project.


  • Our patent pending process can immediately provide you with a budget utilizing as much (or little) information as you have.  You can run scenarios, try different specialties, and see the results on a real-time basis!


  • Proformex is a firm that concentrates its efforts in the area of providing medical equipment budgets for outpatient surgery centers. We provide a web based application that developers and business development teams use to access a wealth of historical medical equipment information and equipment planning history. 


  • We have unique access to historical data and specialty equipment that can only be obtained by working in the marketplace on a daily basis. 


  • We provide a unique patent pending platform that will insure that the budgets you use in the infancy stages of the project will be reliable all the way through to your move in date. 


  • Our patent pending platform allows you to input the number of OR’s and Procedure rooms as well as list of specialties and immediately output a budget that can be used to obtain financing as well as proforma budget plans. 
The Proformex software is a great tool for formulating budgets that we can use to obtain financing as well as internal pro-formas for new projects. The software is easy to use and provides immediate information for different scenarios and specialties giving us a confidence that we are using current equipment costs.

-Steve Earnhart, Earnhart and Associates