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Proformex is a patent PENDING application that is EXTREMELY accurate based on ongoing knowledge of current pricing and offerings!

Most companies are very hesitant to give out preliminary budgets because they have a difficult time providing accurate numbers involving so many variables.


With PROFORMEX, You will receive a budget for your project immediately after entering your information!

Real-time access to accurate budget numbers that can be difficult to obtain and almost impossible to manage without a day to day working knowledge of the business. 


our patent PENDING process can immediately provide you with a budget utilizing as much (or little) information as you have. with a small investment of time, we deliver an equipment budget that you can be confident in!

Surgery center developers need an easy way to get dependable real-time budgets for their team and clients.


PROFORMEX is easy to use and doesn’t require users to be experts in the field of equipment!

Many potential Surgeon partners are hesitant to take on the task of developing their own center because they don’t have access to current actionable budget information.



because we work daily with equipment purchasing and planning, our team knows what is needed for each situation in order to maximize your budget. we also understand the importance of balancing your dollar allocations. Our goal is to give you a budget that is accurate… not under budgeted and not overstated!

Equipment planning history and skill sets are required to quantify what is needed for every Surgery Center scenario. Each project is different and requires a working knowledge of the medical equipment landscape.


PROFORMEX provides unlimited access to your project so that you can run scenarios as the project requires!

Each project is a moving target that requires scenario planning to prove out the financial viability of the specialties as well as the overall project.


PROFORMEX provides an unbiased third party budget that will assist you in executing your project from inception to execution!

Most teams have difficulty tying preliminary budgets through to the execution of the project.


PROFORMEX has continuing relationships with vendors giving us access to the best pricing in the industry.

Having access to the best pricing is something that most companies don't have. If you do have negotiated pricing with a GPO, we can load this into your database so that you can have confidence the right pricing is being used for budgets.